Fishing floats Manufacturers
Top Float Factory


Computer design of shapes and models

The sophisticated equipment allows us to produce easily almost any float shape and weight. We create new designs, following the advice of our team of expert anglers but we can also make exactly the shape, requested by you - our customer.


Shaping the bodies and painting

This is done on highly productive modern machinery, which means high capacity and stable quality. Only the highest quality Italian varnishes are used for painting our balsa floats. The advanced technology guarantees the durability and attractive appearance of the floats.

Quality control of the materials

For our production, we use only the highest quality materials, carefully chosen by our experts and checked on every delivery. We also constantly look for new materials, which help us not only follow the trend but also create it.


Assembling and Quality control

Trained and highly-skillful personnel is responsible for assembling the floats. Strict quality control is applied at every stage of the production. Attention is paid to every detail and no compromises are allowed.