Fishing floats manufacturers
Fishing floats manufacturers

TOP FLOAT Ltd. is one the leading fishing equipment manufacturers in Bulgaria. It produces high-quality balsa floats for more than 10 years. Equipped with modern hi-technology Italian machinery, run by highly skilled staff and using the most recent technologies for the production of balsa floats, the company has an annual capacity of 1 000 000 floats. Our customers are many leading European companies and we have exported our balsa floats even as far as Australia, South Africa and Canada.

If you wish to learn more about the production process, we shall be glad to offer you a quick on-line tour around our factory. And if you want to go through our product range, we shall be glad to show you the details.

Having the reputation of a reliable partner with high quality of production, affordable prices, on-time deliveries and flexible manufacturing process, including any special requirements for custom design, we shall be glad to have you as our customer.

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Contact us and you will not be disappointed!

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